So, I’m Playing Around With My Blog Template (As You Can See)

Please excuse the way the blog is going to look for a while. I’m playing around with various templates, trying to figure out what works best for me and if it’s worth it to me to pay the upgrade and get a more customized look. It’s not like I have thousands of followers here – it’s more a touchplace where I can put my book, fanfic and social media links and send people to. I’ll have to ruminate on that.

On an entirely unrelated note…I was hugely productive this weekend. From Friday night through to today, I’ve written over 9600 words!! And mostly good ones! Of course, I had a power outage for a good chunk of the weekend with nothing to do but read or write, and that certainly helped.

And the cold made me wish I was cuddling. The thought of cuddling made me wish I was doing a whole lot more than cuddling and before I knew it, I had a couple more chapters of my next book completed. God help me if I land a boyfriend anytime soon. I’m honestly afraid I’ll lose my mojo.

Maybe I’d just better make sure he’s an adventurous sort (she says, waggling her eyebrows).

In the meantime, the power’s back on and I’m off work for President’s Day, so I’ll keep on writing as long as the muse takes me there.


Just a reminder that Changeling is now out and already has a great review – please feel free to add more reviews on Amazon, Smashwords or GoodReads – I can really use them!

Stay warm!

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