Oh, The Ideas I Get In My Head

SkyWoman Rain in the MoonlightCov Changeling

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m busy working on more than one project (which is usual for me) and this is where I get into trouble.

You see, I get the ideas. I get them in spades. Lavish, fantastical, remarkable, outlandish ideas. And my mind wants to follow them, revel in them, weave the tales in and around these incredible characters and I can see their every nuance and mannerism and I know what makes them tick and what draws them to each other.

I just don’t want to write an entire plot, in particular.

And that’s my problem. I see amazing scenes and great dramatic or hilarious moments, but weaving them all together into a cohesive plot…well, that’s where the discipline comes in.

I’m not much on discipline.

So anyway, I’m working on it. I really am.

I’m about a third of the way through (word-count-wise) on Someday in Dublin, and I’ve outlined 3 of the 4 books of my next fantasy series. In addition to that, I’ve gotten halfway through a non-fiction book (I write under another name, as well) and started on a second book in a YA series I’m working on. Plus I have to turn in two magazine articles this week.

The creative fountain floweth over, but the writer wants to play instead of work.

So enough blogging, Britt. Back to the grindstone…

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