And Now I’ve Got Myself A Dilemma


I’m working on my next couple of books (because I write on multiple things at the same time, and Someday In Dublin is giving me a challenge.

I have a terrific story, don’t get me wrong. A wonderful story with romance and a great, poignant hook, and yes, the main characters are most certainly getting physical, but…

Not to the degree that I usually take it. I’m generally pretty descriptive when it comes to my love scenes, but I’m finding myself so invested in these two that I feel almost like a voyeur writing their story and I find myself backing off a bit on the sex scenes because the book is about so much more than that.

I’ve finally decided I’m just going to write the damn story and if I feel like I need to revise and spice it up a bit more later, then I’ll do it. I don’t believe in adding smut just to add it – it has to come from a natural place within the story or it’s just gratuitous stuff, and I try not to get too bogged down in gratuitous stuff. If you want 200 pages of people just banging without context, there’s plenty of that out there in e-Book land, I assure you.

But if you like a story, if you get seduced by a character (or two) and get steamed up watching them twine and dance and move toward a culmination together…then I’m your author.

And this book….it’s a bit more poignant and heartfelt than slammin’ with sexcapades. There’s still good sexy steamy stuff, but it’s sipped from a wineglass, not tossed down your throat like a shot.

The one after this one, though….

Well, that one’s pretty intense. Anytime you’ve got magical creatures, all sorts of things can happen.

Stay Tuned….

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