That Great Fist-Punching Moment When Your Plot Takes A Twist You Didn’t Anticipate


I’m winding up my work on Someday In Dublin, and doing a few chapter reworks, when all of a sudden, one of the major twists in my plot suddenly branched off and became this whole other thing that added an entirely new layer of depth between these two people and oh, holy cow was it amazing when it hit me.

I actually jumped back and shouted “Yeah!” at the top of my lungs, startling a cat and nearly burning myself because I was cooking dinner at the time the inspiration hit.

You don’t always get a fist-pumping moment like that as a writer. Despite the romance of the written word, part of the time the story flows and a lot of the time you’re just slogging along, putting words down, ripping words out, rearranging words, and doing it all one-handed because your other hand is tearing your hair out.

But this time? This time it was right. It was perfect. Yes.

So that’s my big happy for this week. Now here’s yours: Today is your final day to get Eight Nights At Sea at a discount! The Kindle Countdown Deal ends tonight at midnight EDT (US) so get it while you can!!

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