New Novella Coming Soon!!

In and around working on “Someday In Dublin,” I’ve managed to bang out (heh) another of my $.99 novellas. I just need to get it polished up over the coming weekend, and I hope to have it published by April 1st!


Captured By The Hunter is the story of Drella, an intergalactic merchant’s daughter who is on the run from an arranged marriage. Her groom engages a Hunter to track her down – and this is no ordinary Hunter. Jodan is from a planet of Prims (you’ll remember them from my books Rain In The Moonlight and Changeling), a race of people who have special sensory skills – skills that make him a formidable foe…and a complete force of nature when it comes to women. Can he bring Drella back to face her wedding day? And can Drella get away from a man she’s overwhelmingly drawn to?

Look for Captured By The Hunter next week!

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