Under A Sky Full Of Stars

Girl Sitting on the rock looking at the Milky Way

So I’ve started on the next book.

I didn’t mean to, really. I still have a teeny-tiny bit of work on Someday In Dublin – not content, but formatting – and I just plain needed a break from it for a little while.

And this scene was rolling around in my head and I’ve found that when that happens, it’s best to just write it out. So I did.

The girl, out in the desert. Sitting on a mesa, under a sky full of stars. The stark, craggy rocks and bits of scrub brush around her. The lingering smell of the rain on the creosote bushes – something you can only experience while living in the desert (I grew up in New Mexico, so I know it well).

This one is going to be powerful. That’s the word. Powerful.

And now, back to the drips and drabs of Someday In Dublin.

This is what I love most about writing. I can go from a mesa to a cliff on the Irish coast, all in the same afternoon.

Sea landscape with the eye of Ireland in Howth, Ireland.

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