New Review Up For Eight Nights At Sea! #amwritingromance #kindlebooks

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Chell at LoveReadingLaughing just finished reading Eight Nights At Sea, and had this to say about it:

This Love Story Is So Softly Mystical. The Details Wrap Around Your Heart And Pull You In. Zephyr And Rina Dance Around Loving Each Other So Well, The Twists And Turns I Never Saw Coming. Rina’s Secret Is So Well Entwined Into The Story I Forgot She Wasn’t Who I Thought She Was (You’ll Understand That Sentence Later, I’m Not Spoiling That One For You!).  Rina And Zephyr Are Not Your Typical Lovers And It Is Amazing. I Found My Self Reading Parts To My Husband Just To Share With Someone Because I Couldn’t Hold My Thoughts In. Eight Nights At Sea Are Not Enough, Britt–We Need Aven’s Story Asap, Please.

If You Love A Good Pirate, Or If Even If You Don’t–This Story Is So Magical It Will Make Your Heart Spin.

You can read the review here!

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