The Seeder Saga Is Coming To Print! And Here’s An Excerpt!

My Sci-Fi Romance Trilogy, The Seeder Saga is the story of three women on three different planets who are bound by a common thread: all of them have come in contact with a “Seeder” – someone who is part of a galactic corps who “seeds” and transplants humans all over the galaxy.

In book two, Rain In The Moonlight, we begin to uncover a plot that affects humanity all across the galaxy, a plot that revolves around a very special spore grown only on Rain’s home planet. She and the people of the River Valley have been sabotaging the machines that have been harvesting the spores from the river, and Ajan is a hired hunter from another planet who’s been commissioned to find and capture the leader of the River Valley people.

He and Rain strike a bargain, based in part on her need to enlist him in their cause, his need to get more information about her people, and their very healthy attraction for each other. Ajan agrees to help, if she agrees to share his bed. It seems a straightforward bargain, but they both end up with more than they bargained for. In this scene, Rain is at a welcome celebration held for Ajan, fully aware that when the party is over, she’s expected to fulfill her end of the bargain…

Her eyes kept gravitating to that pretty face and shoulders all night long. And almost every time, his eyes were meeting hers. It was getting annoying.

For her part, Rain tried to stay busy, making the rounds, eating, laughing, and dancing in the drum circle. It was bittersweet, because drums reminded her so much of her brother, which led her thoughts back to her family. Rain was just about to step out of the circle when a young boy, who had only seen four winters, asked her to dance. How could she say no?

Rain scooped him up, twirling him and bouncing with the rhythm of the drums, smiling widely as he squealed with glee. His unbridled joy was contagious, and she threw back her head and laughed as she kissed his cheeks and ruffled his hair. Her eyes met Ajan’s over the top of the boy’s head, and she lost a few steps when he smiled warmly, raising his mug in a salute to her.

She tried to concentrate on the dance after that, but it was impossible. She returned the boy to his mother with a smile, and had just decided she needed some alone time, when her friend, Dark Water showed up with a cup full of wine and a sympathetic ear.

“You’re sure about your decision?” Dark asked. “You didn’t seem like you wanted him any way but dead.” Rain had confided in the older girl earlier, letting her know that she’d be taking Ajan to her bed, but not confiding the exact nature of the bargain.
Rain laughed lightly, and hoped she sounded convincing.

“I couldn’t very well act any other way, could I?” She tried to sound nonchalant. “I didn’t want him to think he had an advantage of any sort. But now that he’s working with us, I’m free to…indulge.”

She pinned on a smile and Dark Water shrugged, smiling back. “It’s your life, Rain. Just make sure you use the herbal sponges I gave you. The last thing you need is a baby in your belly right now.”

Rain smiled tightly, nodding. “I know that.”

“This could be good for you. You’ve been so different since you and—well, since your family died.” Dark Water paused, clearly uncomfortable. “A passing fling like this–some kind of diversion–it could be good. And we all get what we need.”

“Yes,” Rain agreed. “We all get what we need.” She hugged her friend tightly. “Thank you for your help.”

“Just don’t forget about the mission. With a man like that, it would be easy to forget anything but bed.” Dark Water smiled conspiratorially.

Rain smiled widely as her friend walked away, then she looked around and realized that Ajan had already left the gathering. It was getting late, and she shouldn’t keep him waiting too long.

She walked slowly down the path to the cottage they’d set aside for him. Rain had deliberately chosen one as far from the community hall as possible. Just in case.

She tried to calm her breathing, but every step closer filled her with an equal mix of resolve and dread. She was going to do this. And she was going to do this on her terms, even though Ajan struck the bargain.

She’d almost laughed out loud when he’d made his demands. From the moment he touched her, she had been willing. All he had to do was look at her and she was willing. He had some kind of primitive magic—instinct and power—that held her captive. Willing wasn’t going to be a problem.

What will you do when he feels cheated? When he feels the bargain wasn’t met?

The words played again and again in her mind, and her palms began to sweat. She stopped at the door of the cottage, took a deep breath, and knocked.

Rain In The Moonlight is available at Amazon for Kindle, and paperbacks for all three books will by out by the end of this month!!

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