A Little Bit Here…A Little Bit There…

Tired executive With Crumpled Paper Balls At Desk

It’s not easy writing two very different books at essentially the same time.

See, I thought I had this all planned out. Considering the deadline for my first YA book that the publisher gave me, I assumed the follow-up book in the series would be on roughly the same rollout, giving me a few months after final edits on book one to refine book two before submission.


They pushed the schedule up by three months from where I expected it to be, and whoosh! There went the time I’d planned to use on finishing up Earthsinger and getting a head start on Firesinger.


So now the YA book gets the majority of my focus, and Earthsinger is filling in around it in drips and drabs. Not that the characters are drips or the plot is drab, mind you. I’ve had the entire series planned out from the get-go, with each book advancing the overall plot arc while maintaining its integrity as a story unto itself, but this. is. maddening.

If I survive the next 60 days, I am buying myself a ticket to somewhere with a beach and I am going to have some guy rubbing oil on my back while I drink. A lot.

In the meantime, I’ll keep pitty-pattering away, until I can give Earthsinger my full, unreserved attention.  Stay tuned for an Elemental announcement on Thursday!

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