Thursday Resources: Book Marketing



Book Marketing. What a pain.

Believe me, I know. I blog/Tweet/Facebook/Instagram on three different platforms (all while holding down a full time job to pay the bills and writing when I can find time around all that) and developing and executing a marketing strategy for each book can make you mental.

And make you feel like you’re out in the middle of a lake on a rowboat, screaming about your book only to hear it echo through the surrounding hills.

So here today are a few articles I found helpful when crafting my marketing strategies:

20 Ways Authors Can Market Their Books

Author Marketing 101

Hell Is Self-Promotion (great read)

How People Really Decide To Buy Your Book

And if you’re new to the game…

7 Tips To Help You Promote Your First Book

The first step before you implement any of the above, is – of course – to write the very best book that you can. None of the rest of this stuff is going to help you one iota if you don’t. So get that amazing tale in the can and find the combo of strategies that work for you.

Good luck!




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