Thursday Resources: Book Marketing



Book Marketing. What a pain.

Believe me, I know. I blog/Tweet/Facebook/Instagram on three different platforms (all while holding down a full time job to pay the bills and writing when I can find time around all that) and developing and executing a marketing strategy for each book can make you mental.

And make you feel like you’re out in the middle of a lake on a rowboat, screaming about your book only to hear it echo through the surrounding hills.

So here today are a few articles I found helpful when crafting my marketing strategies: Continue reading

A Cautionary Tale, And Some Excellent Words Of Warning

Writer's frustration

Came across this painful piece titled “I Lost $6500 On My Last Book Launch.” The author details her foray into the dark world of “assisted” self-publishing, and how she feels she’s been given the runaround regarding the launch for her book. She includes a list of all the red flags she ignored, and some sage advice she got from other veterans in the industry.

I’m also going to point you toward this piece, In it for the money – 8 signs that your publisher is scamming you for some further insight.

Words to the wise, from the sadder-but-wiser.

Like It Or Not, We All Judge A Book By Its Cover

Windsinger A-1

Yep…that’s a tease! I’ll be revealing the new cover to WindSinger in it’s entirety SOON, but I wanted to give you a tiny tease since today I’m talking about the importance of a book cover.

You only have to go to my Goodreads page to see that the I had some lousy book covers originally for the first two books of the Seeder Saga. They’re embarrassing to look at now and I’ll freely admit that I did them myself, hoping to save a buck. It turns out they cost me money – a lot of money! – because people don’t like to buy books with craptastic covers, especially in eBooks. And that, unfortunately, is because it’s so freaking easy to write a crap book, slap on a homemade crap cover, and publish it.

To Illustrate:

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