Cover Reveal And Release Date For Earthsinger!!

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Yes, it’s here! The cover for Earthsinger! Isn’t it gorgeous? And along with that cover comes the at-long-last finally official release date:

August 15, 2016

I’m finishing up my final edits now, then it gets one more polish after the beta readers, and then it’s all yours!

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Tidbit Tuesday: Miri Makes Up Her Mind

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Sky Woman will always hold a special place in my heart as my first “official” novel. It was born from a rather steamy daydream I kept having in the car on my commute home from work. It was so pervasive, and ate so much of my brain, I finally decide just to write the damn thing out. I let is sit for a long time, then stumbled into the world of fanfiction, where I discovered to my surprise that I could write 50,000+ words in thirty days – again and again and again. So I put Sky Woman up on Smashwords and Amazon, and I hoped for the best.

It turns out my readers loved Miri and her family as much as I did, so I went on to write the Seeder Saga, and that, as they say, is history.

In this scene, Miri makes a decision – after being transplanted on a planet far from home and meeting Lunan, first son of the first son of the House of Falenua. And this decision has been a long time coming… Continue reading

Book Excerpt Tuesday: When A Pirate Makes Amends, He Really Makes Amends…


In this scene from Eight Nights At Sea, our intrepid Pirate Captain Zephyr has just arrived back at his cabin after an argument of epic proportions his beautiful stowaway Rina – one that ended with her knocking him on his behind with a sack of flour and several strategically launched apples.

Zeph knows he was behaving badly, and he’s ready to make amends… Continue reading

A Funny Thing Happens When You Give Away Books

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I don’t, as a rule, advocate doing all your work for free. Nothing chafes me more than people who reach out to me, asking me to guest blog for this or provide content for that, and for payment, they have this wonderful thing called “exposure” instead of cash.

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Excerpt Tuesday: A Pirate Second-Guesses Himself


In this excerpt from Eight Nights At Sea, our pirate, Zephyr Jamieson finds that he needs to make amends to his beautiful stowaway, Rina, after a bit of bad behavior. You see, Rina carries a secret, and Zeph knows she’s hiding something. He’s determined to find out what, but his usual methods of persuasion aren’t working out like he’d planned…

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Book Excerpt Tuesday: Seasinger

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In my latest novel, Seasinger, we meet Kai Vand, a mysterious millionaire who has an interesting secret: he’s a Twixter, part elemental, part human, and he can command the forces of water. In addition to that Kai is a singer, which gives him an extra gift – one that leads him right to the closed-off and suspicious Shira Wen, an anthropology professor who’s got a reason to be wary of someone like him.

In this scene, Shira has overheard some information that confirms one of her fears where Kai is concerned. Continue reading

SEASINGER Is Now Available!


The wait is officially over!! SEASINGER is now available for Kindle!

Kai and Shira’s journey was so very different than I’d first imagined it – and so much fun to write! He’s such a force of nature and she’s so cool and collected – until he makes her feel again. The stakes go up even further in this book, and things have been set in motion that could have catastrophic results.

If you loved Windsinger, we’ll also catch up with Brad and Cecy again, and get to know our Earthsinger, Manni and our trucker friend Matt just a little better, too. All in all it’s a great ride and I’d love to have you along.

Get your Kindle copy of SEASINGER here (print will be available on Tuesday) and get caught up in the wave!