Why Novellas When I’m Already Writing Novels? #amwritingfantasy


As I’ve mentioned before, my new novella, “Captured By The Hunter” will be out tomorrow! I have to tell you that I loved the hell out of this one. Jodan was tremendous fun to write, and the dynamic between these two…whoo baby. When you add in Sci-Fi or Fantasy, sex can go all kinds of fun places.

This is one of my longer novellas, and I briefly toyed with the idea of making it a full-on novel, but in the end, it just wasn’t going to happen. I have (and I’m not kidding) NINE books on horizon. I’m finishing up Somewhere In Dublin, then I’ve got a four part fantasy romance series waiting in the wings. I’m also working on a non-fiction book, parts two and three of a YA series and another YA novel under my other pen name. Adding yet another novel onto the pile (especially when I really, really wanted to write this story NOW) just wasn’t going to fly.

So you get a more condensed (and intense) version, and new readers get a glimpse of where I go when I get to build the universe my characters live in.

I call that a win/win.

So look for the new novella, available tomorrow on Amazon for Kindle and Smashwords for all e-reading devices and PC!

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