Sky Woman Is A FREE Read On Fridays In The Month Of June!


Miranda “Miri” Reynolds is a fun-loving college student who suddenly finds herself transplanted to another planet, as part of a solution to a genetic bottleneck that’s been plaguing the planet for a century. These “Sky Women” are held in high esteem, and she finds herself being competed for by the three very sexy – and all very different – brothers of Falenua House. When a secret is revealed that puts Miri in jeopardy, the brothers band together, and Miri learns that pre-conceived notions about love and sex don’t mean a thing when you’re on the other side of the galaxy.

I’ll be promoting Sky Woman FREE every Friday in the month of June via Kindle Select, which means I’ll have to offer it there exclusively (I’ll be unpublishing from Smashwords during that period).

I’ve posted excerpts before, so you can read them here,  or here, or here, or here.


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