A Cautionary Tale, And Some Excellent Words Of Warning

Writer's frustration

Came across this painful piece titled “I Lost $6500 On My Last Book Launch.” The author details her foray into the dark world of “assisted” self-publishing, and how she feels she’s been given the runaround regarding the launch for her book. She includes a list of all the red flags she ignored, and some sage advice she got from other veterans in the industry.

I’m also going to point you toward this piece, In it for the money – 8 signs that your publisher is scamming you for some further insight.

Words to the wise, from the sadder-but-wiser.

A Little Bit Here…A Little Bit There…

Tired executive With Crumpled Paper Balls At Desk

It’s not easy writing two very different books at essentially the same time.

See, I thought I had this all planned out. Considering the deadline for my first YA book that the publisher gave me, I assumed the follow-up book in the series would be on roughly the same rollout, giving me a few months after final edits on book one to refine book two before submission.


They pushed the schedule up by three months from where I expected it to be, and whoosh! There went the time I’d planned to use on finishing up Earthsinger and getting a head start on Firesinger.

Crap. Continue reading

I Am A Bad Author. Bad. I Am Bad.


I have spent the last 30 days under major serious deadline pressure. And now….it just got worse. Some things have collided professionally, and I find myself without enough hours in a day (or cells in my brain) to get all the writing done that needs to be done. I spent almost all of Memorial Day weekend looking like that picture above.

Okay, that’s a lie. I looked more like this:

Furious woman

But I made headway, and that’s a start. The long and short of all this is….Earthsinger is going to have to get pushed back. I had hoped for a mid-June break on that book, but it’s now looking to be late July.

Readers, I apologize.

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Great Writing Advice…On A Tee Shirt


One of my friends sent me a new tee shirt and I love it!

And bonus: it got me through an ugly chunk of writer’s block. Hear me out.

I got stuck in a part of my story that just seemed…dull. Plodding. Predictable. This is supposed to be an epic story, for creep’s sake. Epically dull is not something people generally pay money for. Continue reading

Finishing Up Earthsinger, But A Pirate Keeps Taking Over My Brain…


I’m working like mad to get a lid on Earthsinger, and I have had so much fun putting Manni and Matt on paper. You’ll also meet the long-awaited Firesinger, and learn the name of our elusive mystery girl.

And while all that’s being put to virtual paper, my mind is bubbling and churning with something I put off for far too long – the sequel to Eight Nights At Sea. Continue reading

First World Writer Problems

Hill Street Studios/Blend Images

I had to do two things this weekend: Yard work and writing.

The first got done, which is no easy feat. I have an enormous yard on a slope and my riding mower crapped out on me so I was using a push mower – and not one of those nice self-propelled jobs, either. This was a few hours of solid cardio with extended arm workout.

And when it was all done and I took a nice, cool shower, poured myself some iced tea and fired up the laptop, I discovered that my arms felt like spaghetti and my hands were so cramped it was like trying to type with eagle talons. Continue reading

I Am Finishing This FanFic Today. Dammit.

Writer's frustration

Guys, I have to level with you. I know you know I’ve got a lot on my plate but you just cannot imagine how behind I am. It’s to the point of nearly terrifying now, so I have to get on top of some things.

In order to do that, I’m going to cut back on my blogs. Right now, I’m blogging 5 days a week on three platforms and at least one day a week on two others. It’s too much to sustain right now – not if I need to get two novels written in the near future. Continue reading