Book Excerpt: Sky Woman



Sky Woman is not your usual love story. Miri finds herself kidnapped from Earth, taken to a new planet, and pursued by a family of three very determined brothers.

She’s got a lot of culture shock to get through, because things work very differently on their planet. In this scene, her friend Avi (who is a transplant as well) gives her the inside scoop on the youngest brother, Kaivan…. Continue reading

Good News! RAIN IN THE MOONLIGHT Is Now In Paperback!


I know, I know…it’s been a long time coming. I apologize for that. I am unbelievably busy right now (which is a very good thing) and I honestly had to channel my efforts toward the other projects.

Rain In The Moonlight is now out in paperback via Createspace, and should be linked up on Amazon within the next few days. If you’re the type that likes a paper copy in your hand, here you go.

Changeling is next, I hope within the next month. I’ll keep you posted. I’m also planning a new novella for St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone wants to get lucky, right?

Stay tuned…

The Seeder Saga Complete Set Is A Kindle Countdown Deal!

Across the galaxy, humanity is being selectively “seeded” onto other worlds. Three women from three different planets find themselves embroiled in a cosmic mystery that will lead them to an adventure…and teach them to redefine love as they know it.

The Seeder Saga complete set – plus a bonus novella can be yours for a song because it is now a Kindle Countdown Deal! Get it while it’s hot!!



Mark Your Calendars – The Seeder Saga Goes On Kindle Countdown Deal Jan 18th!

You read that right! Next Monday (January 18th), the entire Seeder Saga plus bonus novella is going on Kindle Countdown Deal, starting out at 50% off!!

Now’s your chance to get all three out-of-this-world novels plus a steamy hot novella all at one great price!

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Rain In The Moonlight Will Be Out In Paperback Soon! Here’s An Excerpt!


Ajan is hired to hunt down the leader of the River Valley people on a faraway planet. He gets more than he bargained for when he captures Rain. The fiery-haired beauty tries to assassinate him in order to protect the people of the River Valley.

It makes for quite the adventure, with Ajan determined to use Rain to bring in his target, and Rain determined to thwart him at every turn…

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Just In Time For The Holidays! Sky Woman – Now In Print!

That’s right! Sky Woman is now in print! And you can expect the rest of The Seeder Saga in print by the end of the year!

Sorry for the delay on this…I really wanted it to be just right. I’m hard at work formatting the other two books (and writing the second book of the Elemental Destinies series), and it’s all coming together.

Thanks to all of you who’ve taken the journey with Miri, Rain and Lizzie through a galaxy full of hot men and high adventure!!

You can still order the digital version via Amazon, with print hooking up to Amazon shortly. For now, follow this link to the Createspace page for a paperback copy.

Stay tuned to the blog…big announcement coming tomorrow!