The Seeder Saga Complete Set Is A Kindle Countdown Deal!

Across the galaxy, humanity is being selectively “seeded” onto other worlds. Three women from three different planets find themselves embroiled in a cosmic mystery that will lead them to an adventure…and teach them to redefine love as they know it.

The Seeder Saga complete set – plus a bonus novella can be yours for a song because it is now a Kindle Countdown Deal! Get it while it’s hot!!



Mark Your Calendars – The Seeder Saga Goes On Kindle Countdown Deal Jan 18th!

You read that right! Next Monday (January 18th), the entire Seeder Saga plus bonus novella is going on Kindle Countdown Deal, starting out at 50% off!!

Now’s your chance to get all three out-of-this-world novels plus a steamy hot novella all at one great price!

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In Honor Of The Seeder Saga Complete Edition (Plus Bonus Novella) – Here’s An Excerpt!


In my Sci-Fi Romance Trilogy, The Seeder Saga, we follow the paths of three women from three different planets who’ve been “seeded” there by the Seeder Corps – a group of aliens who are responsible for colonizing much of the galaxy.

The women have very different stories and each learns through their own adventure that love isn’t always like you planned it to be. These are smart, fierce girls and the men are intense and sexy as hell. Three steamy reads that all come together in one epic story arc – and then you get a bonus novella set in the same universe!

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Did I Say Combo? Yes, I Did – Announcing The Seeder Saga Complete Edition! #romance #kindle #kindleunlimited


That’s right! By reader request, here’s the full trilogy available at a steal of a price! All three books, in their entirety, plus the novella “Captured by the Hunter” – which also takes place in the Seeder universe. So that’s three complete novels, plus a bonus novella, all in one place, all for one low price! How awesome is that?

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The Seeder Saga Is Coming To Print! And Here’s An Excerpt!

My Sci-Fi Romance Trilogy, The Seeder Saga is the story of three women on three different planets who are bound by a common thread: all of them have come in contact with a “Seeder” – someone who is part of a galactic corps who “seeds” and transplants humans all over the galaxy.

In book two, Rain In The Moonlight, we begin to uncover a plot that affects humanity all across the galaxy, a plot that revolves around a very special spore grown only on Rain’s home planet. She and the people of the River Valley have been sabotaging the machines that have been harvesting the spores from the river, and Ajan is a hired hunter from another planet who’s been commissioned to find and capture the leader of the River Valley people.

He and Rain strike a bargain, based in part on her need to enlist him in their cause, his need to get more information about her people, and their very healthy attraction for each other. Ajan agrees to help, if she agrees to share his bed. It seems a straightforward bargain, but they both end up with more than they bargained for. In this scene, Rain is at a welcome celebration held for Ajan, fully aware that when the party is over, she’s expected to fulfill her end of the bargain… Continue reading

Looking For Great #FridayReads To Carry You Through The Weekend? Check Out The Seeder Saga! #romance #goodreads

It’s almost the weekend – and time to curl up with a good book or three! Do you love romance? Action? Sci-Fi? Snarky, sarcastic women (and men), Alpha-males, chicks who can fight, and poignant backstory? Try out The Seeder Saga – you’ll be glad you did! Read on for more info! Continue reading

In Honor Of The New Seeder Complete Edition Release – Here’s An Excerpt From “Changeling” #FridayReads

In the third book of The Seeder Saga, Changeling, Lizzie finds herself kidnapped by a handsome alien by the name of Indar. Indar is a Seeder, a group of people responsible for “seeding” mankind onto various planets throughout the galaxy. He took Lizzie away from Earth for her own good, but she’s not seeing it that way yet.

In this scene, Indar’s getting in his regular workout aboard the ship, and invites Lizzie to join him…. Continue reading