Tidbit Tuesday:

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In this scene, Manni and Matt have a Come-To-Jesus talk after he experiences an elemental interaction firsthand…

“What the hell just happened?” Matt asked, turning in a slow circle. His hands were cupping his ears which were still ringing in the aftermath.

“You just met an Original,” Manni said, dusting the front of her pants. “And that one was the queen mother of them all.”

“An original what?” He demanded. “What the hell is going on here?  Is she…” He shook his head, as if trying to talk himself out of it, then forged ahead. “Is she a space alien? Or what?”

“Or what,” Manni answered in a deadpan. “I know it won’t do any good to tell you it’s not what it looks like. You’re in the middle of this, and it’s going to take longer than we have right now to explain. If you want to live, you’re going to have to trust me and not get freaked out.”

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Cover Reveal And Release Date For Earthsinger!!

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Yes, it’s here! The cover for Earthsinger! Isn’t it gorgeous? And along with that cover comes the at-long-last finally official release date:

August 15, 2016

I’m finishing up my final edits now, then it gets one more polish after the beta readers, and then it’s all yours!

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Praise The Lord And Pass The Margaritas




Book 2 of my YA series is in the hands of my editor, and while they peruse and read and pass around and deconstruct and ready their notes for me, that gives me a window of time to knuckle down and finish up Earthsinger! Whoo Hooo!

So look for a cover reveal in the very near future, and let’s get back to the Elemental Destinies – there’s still a lot of story to tell!!

Earthsinger is coming SOON!

Book Excerpt Tuesday: Earthsinger Begins With A Bang

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In the third book of the Elemental Destinies, Earthsinger, we meet up once again with Manni, who is traveling cross-country with Matt – a former MMA fighter who’s unwittingly mixed up in a global mystery.

Manni is there to keep him out of harm’s way until they can figure out what part his father had in the story that’s been slowly unraveling through Windsinger and then again in Seasinger.

Matt isn’t your average muscle-bound lunkhead, and Manni is far from just another pretty face. After too many hours on the road, tempers ignite, but there’s more simmering than just a little road rage… Continue reading

A Little Bit Here…A Little Bit There…

Tired executive With Crumpled Paper Balls At Desk

It’s not easy writing two very different books at essentially the same time.

See, I thought I had this all planned out. Considering the deadline for my first YA book that the publisher gave me, I assumed the follow-up book in the series would be on roughly the same rollout, giving me a few months after final edits on book one to refine book two before submission.


They pushed the schedule up by three months from where I expected it to be, and whoosh! There went the time I’d planned to use on finishing up Earthsinger and getting a head start on Firesinger.

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I Am A Bad Author. Bad. I Am Bad.


I have spent the last 30 days under major serious deadline pressure. And now….it just got worse. Some things have collided professionally, and I find myself without enough hours in a day (or cells in my brain) to get all the writing done that needs to be done. I spent almost all of Memorial Day weekend looking like that picture above.

Okay, that’s a lie. I looked more like this:

Furious woman

But I made headway, and that’s a start. The long and short of all this is….Earthsinger is going to have to get pushed back. I had hoped for a mid-June break on that book, but it’s now looking to be late July.

Readers, I apologize.

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Finishing Up Earthsinger, But A Pirate Keeps Taking Over My Brain…


I’m working like mad to get a lid on Earthsinger, and I have had so much fun putting Manni and Matt on paper. You’ll also meet the long-awaited Firesinger, and learn the name of our elusive mystery girl.

And while all that’s being put to virtual paper, my mind is bubbling and churning with something I put off for far too long – the sequel to Eight Nights At Sea. Continue reading

Writing The Perfect Kiss

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I was working on the latest installment of The Elemental Destinies this weekend and oh, am I having fun with this one!

Earthsinger is, of course, Manni’s story (for those of you who’ve read books one and two) and as the book begins, she’s stuck on a long road trip with Matt, who turns out to have just as much spunky attitude as she does.  Continue reading